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The Moisturiser That Has Transformed My Face | Best Men's Face Moisturizer?

The Moisturiser That Has Transformed My Face | Best Men's Face Moisturizer?

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A few days ago, I was doing some work at my desk and I had one of my old YouTube videos open in the background. When you’ve been making videos for a while, it’s funny to look back at some of your older content, to see how far you’ve come. Aside from laughing at the terrible quality of said video, there was one thing I noticed. My skin. It looked terrible.

The greasiness, the spots and lumps; it looked like I’d just been sprayed with shrapnel. As someone who spends a large portion of time in front of the camera, that’s far from optimal. I then looked at more of these old videos, and again and again, I was met with a similar story. Thinking back, I used to suffer from terrible skin quite often, with outbreaks of acne every few weeks.

Yet these days, it’s far less of an issue. I still have problems associated with my psoriasis, but far less when it comes to spots on my face. There are a few factors that may have helped this happen. I am 25 now, whereas I was about 23 back then, so there might be some slight hormonal factors in play.

Nevertheless, there’s one thing which I think clearly made a difference. A change in my skincare routine. Before now, I’ve tried multiple different facial scrubs and moisturisers in an attempt to find something that works. While I’ve had varying results when it comes to facial scrubs, I think a certain moisturiser has made a clear difference to my skin.

Is This the Best Men’s Face Moisturizer?

Is This the Best Men’s Face Moisturizer?

Is This The Best Men’s Face Moisturizer?

Around 9 months ago, I picked up a free sample of this Wellman daily moisturiser at the Gent’s Grooming Show in London. I was already familiar with this brand from their vitamins. I tried it for the first time a few days later and quite liked it. I then continued to use it on a daily basis and it quickly became my go-to choice. Since then, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the condition of my skin. The lumpy outbursts of acne are now incredibly rare, and it’s made my life so much easier.

I want to go over how I use this moisturiser, as well as some of the things I like most about it. To be clear, this brand has not sponsored this video in any way, they don’t know I’m making this video/post; I just wanted to share this great product with you.

Typically, I use this product twice a day, once in the morning right after a shower, once in the evening before bed. I apply a small amount, around the size of a fingertip. To be fully transparent, I don’t know much about the active ingredients in this product, I just know this stuff has worked for me.

This product isn’t designed to get rid of spots that are already present, more to prevent bad skin from occurring in the first place; and to that extent, I think it’s worked remarkably well.

There are a few reasons I think I’ve taken to this moisturiser. The first is how quickly the product soaks in. With some moisturisers I’ve tried before, after application, the residue just sits on the surface of your skin; which is not only frustrating but can make your face look shinier and greasy. This stuff soaks into the skin within a few seconds and doesn’t make the skin look shiny; so, this could be a great choice if, like me, you have naturally oily skin.

While it does soak in fast, this product does advertise as being ‘ultra-hydrating’, which I think is fairly accurate. One of my complaints with many moisturisers is that while they initially hydrate your skin, it’s often only a temporary effect. In some cases, your skin becomes bone dry again within the hour. With this moisturiser, I feel like my skin retains the hydration that the liquid provides. My face is left feeling fresh for longer.

Also, I like the fact that this Wellman moisturiser has a neutral scent. Lots of men’s products have completely artificial, overly masculine scents added to them, to try and make them ‘appeal’ to a male audience. Many such products can smell tacky, so overall, I think this neutral creamy smell works well. It’s not overpowering and won’t affect any fragrance that you might have on already.

One of the great features of this men’s face moisturizer is how it has reacted, or should I say not reacted, to my sensitive skin. As I referred to earlier, I’ve been plagued with hereditary skin conditions for most of my life. Lots of facial moisturisers stimulate my psoriasis and make it look and feel much worse. You may have seen red areas, especially around my eyes, in previous videos. Luckily, this cream hasn’t had such an effect, meaning I can use it everyday without worrying. Although I can’t guarantee the same for you.

Furthermore, I’m happy to use this because it’s just one simple product. Though I’m sure other multi-product ranges provide additional benefits, for me, I love the simplicity of a single moisturiser. I think for most guys, remembering to moisturise in the first place is an achievement; let alone, trying to maintain a multi-step routine. I just keep this near my hair styling products, so I can easily remember to use it afterwards. It also means I only need to have one skincare product lying about, which in my tiny house is great.

In addition, I think this face cream is priced well. It’s around £10 for 50ml, which puts it middle of the road. It’s not as cheap as some other budget moisturisers, but there are plenty of high-street products that are far more expensive. That 50ml goes much further than you think, I’ve managed close to 5 months per tube, so I think it’s affordable for most men. 

I do have a few nit picks with this moisturiser. Firstly, it tends to leave some residue inside of the lid. Maybe the seal needs a slight redesign to prevent this, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Additionally, as far as I can tell, this doesn’t contain any astringents like Witch Hazel, which help to close pores. That’s something I sometimes like to use, so it’s a shame this cream doesn’t include it. Also, it has no SPF as far as I can tell. While this isn’t an issue in the UK, those of you in hotter climates may notice this.

Overall though, I really like this stuff, so I’d recommend picking some up if you’re looking for a moisturiser; there’s a link to it below if you’re interested (affiliate link). I can’t promise it will transform your face as it has mine, but personally I’ve had great results.



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