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Does Hair Fiber Work? Does It Make Hair Look Thicker?

Does Hair Fiber Work? Does It Make Hair Look Thicker?

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In the quest to tackle hair loss, the latest product to hit the market is hair fibres. You’ve probably seen these in viral videos before, across various social media websites.

By the end of this article, you’ll know more about hair fibre powder and whether I think they’re worth buying or not.

How does hair fiber work?

Okay, here’s how hair fibres work. Hair fibre is essentially coloured powder, typically made of keratin. This can then be sprinkled or sprayed directly into dry hair and the fibre clings to your existing hair strands. This causes the thinner areas of hair to look thicker, effectively concealing some of your hair loss. A quick side note, this is different from hair styling powder; which is used more to style hair.

Hair fiber powder is made for both men and women and generally come in a variety of colours, to suit your hair type.

I’ll be trying two different brands in two slightly different colours; to see if I can answer some questions in this hair fiber review.

This is my hair in its current state. Whilst my hair loss is certainly nothing extreme, it’s quite noticeable. You can see I have recession at the front and some thinning on the crown area. Maybe these products will help it to look better.

I’ve got two highly rated fiber powders, to try and make my hair look better. The first is from a brand called Hair Genetics, in a medium brown colour. The second is from the market leaders Toppik, this one is in a light brown colour. I thought I would try two different shades, to see if it made any significant difference to the look of my hair.

To be clear, this article is not sponsored by either hair fiber company, however you will find links to both fibers in the video description. Purchases made through those links do help to support my channel and are always highly appreciated.

Does hair building fiber really work?

While it is a bit tricky to apply, which I’ll talk about in a moment; I’d say it does work to an extent. If you have thin hair, it makes those areas look thicker from normal viewing distances. If you’re looking for a product that will bring back a heavily receding hairline, or using hair fiber for bald spots, this isn’t it. The product needs at least some hair to hold on to.

In the areas where my hair is present, but at a lower density, such as this front central part; the powder does help. It helps to block some of the scalp visibility, which is great. If you look closely, if you’re specifically looking for it, you may be able to tell someone is using this fiber.

Overall, I found that both powders tended to work better when used as centrally on the head as possible. When used on the edges of the hair, such as the hairline, I don’t think it looks as natural; it can make the hairline look artificially smooth.

Out of the two products, in my hair, I found the Toppik did look more natural; mainly due to the colour closer matching my hair tone. In my hair, the Hair Genetics product was far too dark. It says it’s medium brown but looks almost black to me. As a result, it makes my hair look a bit odd.

Do hair fibers rub off?

If anything, hair fiber rubs in rather than out. When applying hair fibres, I find it kind of sits on the surface. You have to give it a quick rub to ensure it’s evenly spread. In terms of falling out, the product generally doesn’t fall out very easily. If you over-rub when applying and go crazy, you will inevitably end up firing the product back out of your hair. Once more, I found it tends to stay better in central areas, the powder doesn’t remain in place quite as well at the edge of the hairline.

Do hair fibers wash out?

This is important in two situations. The first is rain. Obviously, you’re not going to want this to wash down your face if there’s some precipitation. I’ve only had the chance to do the hair fiber water test once in the rain. My general impressions are it survives well in light rain, however, in heavy rain, I reckon the fiber applied around the edges would wash away – but I haven’t had such an opportunity yet. If I know the weather is bad, I always take an umbrella with me anyway, so it’s no issue.

Secondly, is showering. Will you need to reapply this after washing your hair? After using a shampoo, I’d say definitely; in most cases this will completely remove the product. When just using water, I’ve found that a lot of the produce still comes out, it just depends how much you’re running your hands through your hair.

Does Hair Fiber cause hair loss?

No, see the video (here) I recently did about that topic, for a full explanation. Does hair fibers grow hair? Again no, this product is used to cover up the thinning hair not improve the thickness.

Hair fibre Pros and Cons:


-        Reduces scalp visibility in thin areas

-        It’s not dangerous or invasive

-        Pretty cheap to try to see if it works for you.


-        Can be messy to use. Spray might be better than the shake tubs.

-        Not a permanent solution – keep applying it (time consuming depending on level of thinning)

-        Won’t improve receded areas

-        Cost probably adds up over time

When to use hair filler

Could work well

-        If in front of camera, especially under harsh lighting

-        At an important event, if you need to make a great impression

-        If you’re really conscious about your hair, but don’t want to shave your head

Won’t work well if

-        You have massive hair loss. It’s not going to look natural enough, in my opinion, as hair fiber powder needs hair to grab onto

-        If you’re only concerned with your hairline, not going to help

-        After a set and forget option? This requires a lot of maintenance.

Overall, I would recommend using these hair fibres if you would like a quick improvement to help your hair appearance. By no means is this a permanent solution but if you’re going to an event or something similar hair fiber can be a great product to use. I have linked both the hair fibers in this article below, if you are interested in trying hair fiber out. Any purchases made through these links help my channel to grow and is greatly appreciated. I hope this hair fiber review has managed to answer some questions you may have, and please leave a comment below if you have enjoyed it!



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