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How To Dress A White Shirt | What To Wear With A White Shirt

How To Dress A White Shirt | What To Wear With A White Shirt

So you’ve got a great looking white shirt but you don’t know what to wear it with? In this post, I will take you through seven outfit choices featuring either a traditional stiff collar or white button down shirt. This will give you some inspiration to wear a white collared shirt with confidence and style. Let’s get started!

Outfit 1

In this outfit I pair a white traditional stiff collar shirt with a navy suit. Navy or grey is always a great option with a white shirt as the colours do not contrast too much against each other, a black suit can often be too polarising and make your skin tone look washed out. As this is a formal outfit, make sure your shirt is always tucked in to achieve a pleasing aesthetic to your look.

Including a pocket square with hints of white will help tie your outfit together, here I have used a red pocket square with white dots. You can wear this outfit with or without a tie, for more formal events I would recommend a tie, one which is a similar shade to your suit. In regards to your shoes, I would recommend wearing a formal pair of shoes, dark brown brogues are a great option and very versatile. To complete the look I have worn a belt which matches the colour of my shoes so the outfit looks balanced and perfectly put together.

Outfit 2

For a more informal look, this outfit includes suit pants with a white button down shirt. Shirts with a button down collar provide a more casual look than a traditional stiff neck collar, and are perfect for events which do not require a suit. When wearing a shirt with suit pants, it is recommended to tuck in your shirt with this outfit to complete this look. In regards to your shoes, again a pair of brogues or smart shoes would look great with this outfit, just make sure to match the belt colour with the shoes.

Outfit 3

This outfit is a perfect look for summer and really versatile. I have paired the white button down shirt from outfit 2 with beige chinos and brown leather boat shoes. I have untucked the shirt to give the outfit a more casual aesthetic and rolled the chinos up at the cuff to give it a summer vibe. To marry the outfit together, I have worn a watch with a brown leather strap to match the brown boat shoes. When wearing boat shoes ensure you wear no show socks, this will give the outfit a cleaner look. Additionally, wearing sunglasses is a great idea as it gives the outfit a more laid back look.

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Outfit 4

Outfit number four is a perfect smart casual style which is a versatile option for a variety of events. It starts with a white stiff collar shirt which is tucked in and paired with dark wash jeans, which gives a good contrast to the white shirt. To finish this outfit off, I have worn dark brown brogues with a belt that matches the shade of the shoes. I have tucked the shirt in on this outfit to showcase the matching belt and shoes, this gives the whole outfit a cleaner more sophisticated look.

Outfit 5

This is one of the more casual looks in this post. We’re going with one of my favourite jacket styles, which is a bomber jacket. These jackets are great to have as a staple in your wardrobe, they are usually lightweight so are perfect for the spring/summer and come in a variety of colours and styles. I have used a navy non-padded bomber jacket in this outfit which gives it a sporty aesthetic. I have worn a white button down collar shirts with dark blue jeans. On my feet I have worn white leather sneakers and paired this with a blue and white belt which helps bring this outfit together. You can wear the shirt tucked or untucked both options will look great, but I have decided to wear my shirt untucked in this shot.

Outfit 6

The sixth outfit is perfect for when the weather is slightly cooler In this outfit I am wearing the same blue jeans and white sneakers from outfit five. I have switched my shirt for a white stiff collar shirt for this look which goes under a grey crew neck jumper. I love the way a grey sweater sits over a white shirt, it gives it a classic look that never goes out of style. With this outfit, I would suggest that the shirt always remains tucked into the jeans, if it is untucked it can make the outfit look untidy.This is an easy outfit to create and looks great on most guys.

Outfit 7

The final casual look we have in this post is switching things up a little. I have worn a white button down collar shirt with grey jeans. Grey coloured jeans work perfectly with white shirts as they are on the same colour spectrum. I have rolled up the sleeves on this shirt to give the outfit a more casual feel. On my feet I have worn navy blue leather sneakers and paired this with a navy and white belt to give the outfit a pop of colour. This outfit is simple to replicate and is a great summer look which will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.



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