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Are Ratchet Belts Good? My Honest Thoughts | Anson/Kore/Comfort Click Belt Pros and Cons

Are Ratchet Belts Good? My Honest Thoughts | Anson/Kore/Comfort Click Belt Pros and Cons

In this article, I will be taking you through the most popular brands of ratchet belts for men, along with the pros and cons of them. Having worn various ratchet belts for many years, including different belt brands, I will take you through my findings.


What Are Ratchet Belts?

A ratchet belt is different from a traditional belt, instead of holes it has a specific buckle mechanism which ratchets down the belt to the desired size needed. The belt maintains its position by a series of teeth on the back of the belt and a latch held in place by magnets. Whereas a traditional belt will just be held together with the standard peg and holes, meaning the ratchet belt itself will have no holes present.

Advantages of Using Ratchet Belts

With the ratchet belts, the adjustability factor is unrivalled. With a traditional belt the adjustment spacing is usually around 1 inch (2.5 cm) between each peg hole. This can leave men with inconvenient problem of the belt being either too tight or too loose. As ratchet belts use a track line system on the back, the spacing adjustments often come in 0.25inch (0.6cm) spacing’s. This give the belt a perfect fit every time.

The durability of a ratchet belt is greater than a traditional belt due to the fact the belts don’t require any holes to function. On traditional belts after prolonged use the hole that is regularly used on the belt will start to look worn and stretched. This will not be the case with a ratchet belt, as the mechanism sits on the back of the belt the front of belt will sustain minimal damage. I have been using the same ratchet belts for at least two years and they still look in great condition. As they have no holes, there Is naturally less wear and more durability on these belts. I have owned a range of traditional belts with the same leather quality/grade and my ratchet belts have outlasted them by quite a margin.

One of the biggest advantages of ratchet belts is the versatility they can provide. With the majority of brands, the buckles and belts are interchangeable with each other even with different materials (e.g. leather and fabric). This means if you want to easily switch your belt style from smart to causal you could easily do this by changing the style of buckle. If you always tend to wear leather belts, to save money you could buy one ratchet leather belt and a variety of buckles styles to suit an assortment of outfits. Not only would you be saving money by not having to purchase multiple belts, you will save space if your wardrobe area is a little tight.

Disadvantages of Using Ratchet Belts

Although ratchet belts are a great and stylish way to improve your wardrobe, they do come with some setbacks. The first being the price, these belts are more expensive than your traditional belts. This is mainly due to the buckle and the mechanism situated on the back of the belt, these require more manufacturing and materials so naturally come at a higher price point. Although speaking from personal experience, the ratchet belts I have used have lasted a substantially longer time than the traditional belts so the higher price is worth the investment.

Ratchet belts are harder to store than traditional belts, due to the mechanism on the back makes them slightly stiffer and heavier than traditional belts. This makes them difficult to roll up and store away as they will want to unravel themselves. The best way to hang these belts is on a hanger, some brands can provide these with your ratchet belt, but most brands do not making it difficult to find a hanger that fits the belt and doesn’t damage the buckles

Lastly, the set up and fitting of a ratchet belt takes additional time compared to a regular belt. When you receive your ratchet belt it will be longer than expected but this needs to be cut to size to ensure the perfect fit for you. To do this you will need to follow the guidelines provided and cut the belt to size, from there you will need to attach your buckle to the cut end of the belt. This step can be quite fiddly to do and the buckle may need to be pressed down hard to secure on to the belt, but once this is done your belt is ready to be used.

Which Ratchet Belts Brands Have I Used?

KORE Essentials – These belts are a very high quality and around the mid-tier price for ratchet belt of this quality. They have some unique and stylish options for the buckles and a full range of different materials for the belt itself. Additionally, you can add to your order a hanger to store the belts correctly, which just clips on to the belt went you want to store it away.

You can find a link to the products here:


Anson Belts – These are also another great option. These are around the mid-tier price range also and the leather used for the belts is a good quality one. They have a variety of buckles with a mix of smart and casual styles. The only down side to these belts is that they don’t have the option to include a hanger with your purchase.

You can find a link to the products here (affiliate link)

Comfort Click Belt – These belts are the cheapest ones in the list. For the price the leather is not bad quality and the belts come in a variety of colours. There seems to be only one style of buckle you can buy with these belts and this is the classic looking one so is not as versatile as the other two brands. If you are looking for a ‘tester’ ratchet belt to see if you like them and don’t want to spend too much money, this could be a great option for you.

You can find a link to the products here (affiliate link):

Overall, ratchet belts are a great addition to any wardrobe mixing function with style. They are versatile items which you can style with a variety of outfits from smart to casual. Although they are more expensive than traditional belts, from my experience they are well worth the money. I have made a full in-depth video review on my YouTube channel, if you would like to watch it please click the video below.




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