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Finasteride Review - Does It Cure Hair Loss? | Finasteride Before and After 8 months

Finasteride Review - Does It Cure Hair Loss? | Finasteride Before and After 8 months

** Disclaimer - I am not a medical professional and this is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before proceeding with any sort of medical treatment **

Today, I am sharing my personal experiences with finasteride (branded name Propecia). I have been taking this drug for the last eight months and I would like to share my experiences with the results, side effects and value for money. So let’s get started.

What is Finasteride/Propecia?

Firstly, finasteride is a drug that inhibits the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) . DHT is an androgen and helps give males their male characteristics. DHT is a hormone that can cause the hair follicles on your scalp to shrink, making it difficult for healthy hair to grow or regrow. By blocking the production of DHT in the body, finasteride helps normal hair growth to resume.


Finasteride can also go by the name of Propecia, the only difference between these two is the name. Propecia is a brand name for these tablets, realistically both finasteride and Propecia contain the same amount of active ingredients but Propecia will come at a greater cost due to it being a brand.

They both come in a tablet form which is to be taken once daily. Personally, I have been using the generic finasteride at a 1 mg dosage a day.

Possible Side Effects

As with all medicines there are possible side effects when using them and finasteride is no different. Personally, I have not experienced any side effects that I aware of and your prescribing doctor should judge the benefits of using this against the side effects before prescribing finasteride to you.

Most common side effects are:

  • Low libido or sex drive

  • Impotence

  • Decrease in semen production/ ejaculation problems

  • Headaches/feeling faint

  • Feeling low/depressed

Uncommon side effects can include:

  • Palpitations

  • Allergic reactions

  • Changes in the function of your liver

For further reading, please click the following link:

My Results From Using Finasteride

Before I started taking finasteride my hair loss was noticeable in two key areas. The first being the crown of my head and the second being the recessed areas at the front of my head/forehead. The hair loss wasn’t dramatic but I was noticing my hair was lighter on my crown due to the scalp showing through and the recessed areas at the front of my head receding further over time. Before my hair loss was to go any further, I decided to start taking finasteride.

After taking finasteride for eight months the progression of regrowth in my hair has been minimal. Although, my hair thinning has not progressed any further and has not receded back since taking this drug. I was going to take a month by month picture of my hair journey but the differences were so small it would not have been worth it.

From taking finasteride, the only difference I have been able to see is that the hair on the crown of my head seems fuller. The scalp is less visible through my hair and the strands themselves feel thicker. The receded areas at the front of my head have not improved or got worse, so finasteride has seemed to halt the loss in this area.

finasteride review.jpg

Overall, I feel the regrowth that some people have achieved from taking this drug has not happened to me but finasteride has slowed down/halted the further loss of my own hair. I feel if you are considering taking finasteride and are in the early stages of hair loss this could be beneficial to you and you may see great results. If you are in the late stages of hair loss, I can imagine you would have minimal results in the areas you are fully bald but it may slow down the further hair loss.

Other Factors to Consider

Overall, finasteride/Propecia can be a good option when trying to combat your hair loss and I have seen cases where the results have been very satisfactory. For me the results have been average and I will see what carrying on with this drug will do in the future.

Before taking finasterdie it would be worth taking into consideration the cost. You can get finasteride on prescription through the NHS if you live in the UK and you can also get it privately prescribed through online pharmacists such as Pharmacy2U ( .Although the cost of getting it privately prescribed currently averages around £35.00 for a months worth of treatment. So the costs can soon add up when taking finasteride month on month, so be aware of the ongoing cost of this.


In addition to the cost, finasteride has a relatively short half-life. Once you stop taking the tablet, its effects should be out of your system within a week and you can expect to see your usual rate of hair loss (what you experienced prior to taking the medication) return. So if you decided to start taking finasteride it will have to be a commitment on your side to keep up with the mediation and not take ‘breaks’ in between treatment.

If you would like more information on my journey with taking finasteride, I have made a full in depth review which you can watch below. As with any medication, if you are feeling unwell or have any side effects taking finasteride then consult your doctor immediately.



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