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How To Make Laces Shorter And Concealed | 5 Simple Ways

How To Make Laces Shorter And Concealed | 5 Simple Ways

So, you have a pair of shoes that you love, but the laces are too long. Do you just deal with the ends dragging on the floor? In this post, I give you five easy tips to change your laces and make them look shorter, with no need to buy additional ones. Sounds good? Then keep reading. Just to note, I would not recommend these techniques for formal shoes as they are not usually required.

1) Under Foot Tuck Method

This is the most popular form of shortening/concealing laces. The laces are pulled tight as normal, instead of then knotting the laces together each lace is tucked down each side of the foot. This conceals the knot completely, although I would not recommend this technique as the laces become very loose even walking short distances. Which starts to become extremely annoying when you have to tuck them back in every few steps, but it is worth a mention as this is the most popular technique used.

 2) Tie and Tuck Method

This method is more secure than the previous but still gives the effect of the laces being concealed. To do this, first take a look at the top two eyelets and push the laces inwards from the outside of the shoe down into the inside. From there tie a small knot and tuck it underneath the shoe tongue, making the laces concealed by the tongue. This makes the shoe look sleeker and gives you a more secure shoe whilst walking compared with the previous method.

3) Wrap and Tuck Method

This Is a great technique if your shoe laces are way too long for your shoe. As with the previous method make sure in regards to the top two eyelets that the shoes laces are being laced from the outside to the inside of the shoe. From there, lift your foot so you can wrap both ends of the laces around your feet once and proceed to tie a knot at the top of your foot to secure the laces. Proceed to hide the knot under the shoe tongue, because this one is wrapped around the foot it is the most secure method. Be aware, this technique is best if you have long laces as you won’t be able to reach with short ones and it may become too tight.


4)  Cut and Seal Method

This method will not conceal your laces but it will make them shorter, this is a great technique if you need a short-term solution or a go-between. First off, you will need a pair of scissors and some all-purpose super glue. Take your pair of laces and cut off however much you need, take into consideration that you will need to have enough length to lace and tie your laces comfortably at the end. Only cut off the length on one side of your laces and you will need to cut off the aglet (the plastic end of a lace) for this method.

From there, take your other lace (you are best to unlace both laces before using this method) and put it beside your newly cut lace to measure how much you need to take off the second lace to ensure that they are equal in length. Proceed to cut it only on one side of the lace again.  

Once you have cut to size both of your laces, take your super glue and put a small amount on the end of each of the cut laces and let it dry. This will help to ensure that the end of the lace will not become frayed. This is not a long-term solution for shortening laces, as the ends will eventually start to fray but is effective in the short term.

5)  The Double Lacing Method

This technique is the most interesting and doesn’t require any concealed knots or cutting of the laces. First, unlace your laces to the middle section of your shoe’s eyelets (usually the third or fourth hole down on the shoe) from there lace your lace through the eyelet making sure that the lace is going from the outside of the eyelet to the inside. Now instead of lacing the shoelace to the next available eyelet as you usually would, lace it back through the previous eyelet on the other side of the shoe which essentially double ups the lace. From there proceed to lace up you laces in the usual way you do them.

This technique leaves two laces sitting flush on each other for one set of the lace up process. This will take approximately two inches off the length of the lace and makes them shorter. You can do this as many times as you like if your shoe laces are extra long, but once should do the trick.



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