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What Makes Alex Turner SO Stylish? | Alex Turner Fashion Guide

What Makes Alex Turner SO Stylish? | Alex Turner Fashion Guide

Once voted the coolest person in the world by NME (2005), Alex Turner has become one of the leading icons in men’s style with his unique taste of clothing.

Who is Alex Turner? He is mainly known for being the front-man of the UK rock band Arctic Monkeys, which released their first album in 2005. The band were known for their care-free and reckless attitude and became instant hits with the release of their first album.

In this post, we will look at how Alex Turners style has evolved and look over key points on how he has achieved this.

Alex Turner’s Younger Style

When Alex first hit the music scene (around 2005) his style resembled a laid back, no nonsense appearance. His clothing at this stage was bordering on the Mod style,. He was often seen to be wearing sports jackets/hoodies and unbuttoned polo shirts, this aided in the bands rebellious and edgy vibe.

Alex’s hair was nothing short of a mop top. It had a scruffy/unstyled look about it and this haircut did not frame his face. This is a far cry from the hair he styles today.


Alex Turner’s Style in 2008

With the release of the second Arctic Monkeys album in 2008, Alex’s clothing took on a more mature look with a rock ‘n’ roll twist to it. At this point, he was in a relationship with Alexa Chung which may have influenced his change in style.

Alex often opted for contemporary style trench/sport coats paired with skinny jeans. Although he still had a quite casual style, he wore muted tones which gave him a maturer look.

In regards to his hair, although it was longer than he previously worn it, the style was generally neater. Sometimes he would have his hair unstyled, adding to the rock ‘n’ roll look or slicked back if he wanted a more formal look. Overall, it was a great improvement from his mop top in 2005.


The Early Days of the Shadow Puppets

From 2009 onwards, Alex’s style took on a more flamboyant and colourful look. He was seen to be wearing brightly coloured suits with crisp white shirts underneath, which definitely helped to secure his fashion icon look.

He would often wear his suits with a pair of moccasins or loafers, which helped with his mature look and works well with the suits. His hairstyle at this point still remained long, but more often than not it would be slicked back into a form of pompadour giving him a striking look.


Alex’s Recent Rocker Look

More recently Alex’s style has taken a very 50’s-inspired look which we all know and love today. Opting for darker colours this adds to the retro appeal of Alex. He can be spotted wearing frayed denim and black leather jackets. The fit on these clothes are always well styled for him which helps him pull of this effortless rock ‘n’ roll style.

With these clothing choices Alex looks more masculine and gives off a rugged type of look, although he always tends to keep his hair slicked back and neatly styled.


Overall, Alex Turners style has evolved from a care-free six former to a Teddy Boy look style icon.




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