Hi, my name is Ben, and this is my blog. I started this website and accompanying YouTube channel, because I believe that every guy out there deserves to feel attractive and confident in their own skin. Self-appreciation is the foundation of a great life.

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In western society; self-esteem and confidence are seemingly at an all-time low for us guys. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably felt like:

  • Others seem to somehow be far better looking and more successful than you

  • Girls don’t seem to pay you any attention, even though you are a nice guy

  • You never truly feel sexy when you look at yourself in the mirror

  • Improving the way you look and feel is a slow and painful process

I completely understand, a few short years ago…that was me. On my quest to improve my appearance and confidence, I have learned a great deal about:

  • Using clothing to boost your attractiveness

  • Which grooming products work to enhance your hair and skin

  • Utilising your unique qualities to attract the women you want

  • Saving money whilst improving yourself and becoming a happier man



The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a lie. We are humans. This is something that we just do. It’s in our nature. The way we are treated and judged by others is clearly impacted by our body, clothing, size, grooming and personal hygiene.

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Most importantly, it directly determines how we see ourselves.

This blog is about making the most of the body you have been born with and discovering the most confident, attractive and happy version of yourself. The truth is that any guy can look incredible. It’s just a matter of knowing what works.

And this blog shows you what works.

No misleading clickbait. No lacklustre, recycled content.

Just real tips that work to improve your attractiveness, along with unbiased reviews of products that claim to assist in this process.